This week was spent in creating the first version of the clickable prototype of an end-to-end user scenario. I designed the different screens and then linked them to complete one user flow for the brand design of a restaurant.

The flow involved asking the following questions to the user:

  • What are you creating today?
  • What is your background?
  • Which industry are you designing for?
  • What are the primary perceptions you want for your company?
  • How do you envision people to feel about your company?
  • How do you imagine your customer experience to be?

After the user provides the input for the above questions, the tool would generate a customized style guide for the company logo and provide other features as well.

The Invision prototype can be viewed here:

Some screens from the prototype are as follows:

At Demo Day, I plan to test the entire user flow with people to understand any gaps that might be present and to refine the prototype based on the feedback I receive for the concept. The main areas to test are as follows:

  • Does the entire flow make sense?
  • Are the questions helpful in understanding the user requirement?
  • Is the results page helpful to you?
  • Which other features would be most useful in this context?
  • Do you have any other suggestions for me?

Based on the feedback received, I will iterate the prototype and start working on the next mockup and also look into creating the working prototype.

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