This week I visited the Cooper Hewitt where the Smithsonian Design Museum has a section focused on colors and accessibility called Saturated : the allure and science of color.

The milestones I was able to complete are as follows:

  1. Weekly appointment with Mark Skwarek
  2. Completed visit to Cooper Heweit Museum
  3. Checked out required reference books from the library
  4. Worked on background section of thesis paper
  5. Figured out best digital media medium for my project

Cooper Hewitt, Smithsonian Design Museum

The visit to the Cooper Hewitt was simply amazing! It had an amazing showcase of all the things I was keenly interested in about colors! They also gave an interactive pen which helped to save things I found really interesting to look up and read about in detail later. I found a lot of inspiring ideas and simply loved the displays and the way the exhibits were designed and placed around the museum. There was a bunch of interactive exhibits too which were extremely interesting.

Insights from Cooper Hewitt

The exhibits helped me understand the vast world of colors in a better way and inspired me to create a solution which doesn’t exist to help more people understand about color emotions, color psychology and color accessibility. I also spoke to few people visiting the museum to understand about their experience and how they associate with colors. Each person gave a different viewpoint although I could see a pattern emerging about the general color perception. General feedback that people gave are as follows:

  • It’s eye-opening and the color spectrum shows different perspectives on different topics
  • Color perception is interesting to see (Ex: Blue and Gold dress on internet)
  • Beautiful building, interactive pen tool is cool as people don’t stop for too long at each exhibit
  • It’s well organized, creative and easy to understand
  • An interesting and intriguing museum

My ideas and Inspirations after visit to Cooper Hewitt:

  • Consumer Choice of Colors
  • Perception of Colors
  • Color Accessibility Solutions
  • Color Stories with Hue Identifications
  • Color Harmony Tool
  • Interactive Color Exhibits
  • Interactive tool to understand Color Psychology

I also asked 14 people a couple of questions to understand how they relate emotions and colors. The responses were as follows:

This experiment was extremely interesting to understand how people associated happiness and anxiousness with colors. After a while, I could see a pattern emerging with yellow and orange being the most preferred happy colors and red and black causing the most anxiousness in people though the reasons for choosing the specific color varied a bit with each person.

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