During the second week, I achieved much more progress than initially planned.

The milestones I was able to complete are as follows:

  1. Setup weekly appointments with Mark Skwarek and Tianyue Wu
  2. Clarified expectations from Elizabeth Hennaf
  3. Completed visit to Color Factory
  4. Met with external advisor Gaelen Green
  5. Launched thesis process website
  6. Created outline draft
  7. Figured out best methodologies for my project

Color Factory

The visit to the color factory was extremely interesting and inspiring. I got to see a bunch of different exhibits on colors, art installation and interactive rooms which played with different concept of colors. It provided a valuable learning experience and I was even able to talk to people who worked at the Color Factory who gave interesting insights. I also spoke to few people who were visiting along with me to understand their perspective on colors and learn about their feedback on the entire experience.

Insights from Color Factory Staff

Katie – Floor Manager (Design Background)

Color factory was launched in NY after being successful in SF. It is inspired from the NY environment and shows powerful colors along with drab, dark and bright colors like the yellow taxi cab. We are often influenced by color and interact with senses and colors. It’s a happy life long experience, full of memories. It triggers curiosity and surprise as people are not super aware. It is an interactive art space and people leave feeling cheerful.

Steven – Floor Manager (Photography Background)

Color Factory provides a fun environment. It is whimsical, playful, colorful and gives a happy experience. It forces people to notice colors around them and celebrates the institution of colors. Especially in winter, it creates a cheerful environment in contrast to the dark black colors of winter coats all around NY. It takes inspiration from the orange F train and yellow NY cabs. The ball pit was created by holding a ball against the blue swatch of the sky. There is never a dull moment and people often spend long periods here with their kids. There are lot of couples and friend groups who visit in the evenings. The flowchart is my favorite room as it contrasts the black and white against color. The balloon room is emotional as it reminds of fun childhood days. People often smile at colored ribbons and it takes the edge off. I love to see the summer outfits of people in the winter here. Your project concept is very interesting as it can be very useful to design a logo or a poster. The color scheme can evoke a certain reaction which can be very interesting.

Alexa – Experience Specialist (Art History Background)

My experience at the Color Factory has been fun while instructing people and maintaining safety. It is a happy family and community. Each room is designed by a different artist. I especially like the merry-go-round which is interactive and informative too. It’s nice to see colorful work all around at each artist installation and collective exhibit. People often come here after being inspired by other instagram pictures and paint walls.

My ideas and Inspirations after visit to Color Factory:

  • Color Factory Neighborhood Map
  • Perception of Colors
  • Flowchart to derive Color Emotions
  • Color Moods and Meanings
  • Assemble Color Palettes
  • Auras and Colors
  • Color Chart Experiences
  • Psychology of Colors to influence decisions

Meeting with Gaelen Green

It was great meeting with Gaelen and discussing the next steps. We figured out the logistics like how to stay in touch, meeting schedules, check-ins and expectations. She validated my project concept and gave feedback on my previous work during pre-thesis as well. She mentioned that this project would be aiding people with understanding and using color psychology which I thought was an excellent way of putting it across. She also helped me understand the best methodologies for my project and how to proceed from there. Overall it was a very productive discussion and I’m glad it was so helpful. She also encouraged to do the following which are my steps for next week:

  • Speak with a color theorist
  • Look into written references
  • Perform background research for existing solutions
  • Reach out to psychologists
  • Come up with different game scenarios
  • Figure out working of the tool

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