This week I got feedback from the mock defense which helped me understand the perception of my tool and presentation skills from the people present.

Here’s the link to the presentation:

The compiled feedback is as given below:

  • I like the way you did presentation, your flow was very clear and everything was clarified. I wonder the logic behind the selection section since I noticed when you chose one of the style then some of the choices were grayed out. 
  • Loved that you use motion graphics–for a thesis about making eye-catching visuals, using bright, moving pictures really drives your point home. Your demo was a great size as well. Does the second prototype you showed have the ability to adjust your outcome just a little, rather than starting over from scratch? 
  • Really strong introduction, love that you include clear gaps in the market which you are positioning your project. WOW at the color mapping. WOW at the product! I am so impressed and want to use this! What is different when a user clicks DESIGNER over NON-DESIGNER ? It’s great you have definitive success stories already! 
  • Really cool that you did a case study! Video is very thorough but a bit lengthy
  • Love the flow of your presentation. You have slides for preliminary research w/quotes from experts in the fields and colors people associated with emotions. There was a lot included on those slides and I was interested in reading it all but you had to keep going to stay on your timing schedule. Maybe you could decrease the amount of information on those slides so viewers can digest it.
  • I like the flow of the presentation – the need and your solution. The first demo was a little fast. An on boarding would be good for people who are not used to branding, especially with the results page. Why do some of the options blur out for perception?
  • Fantastic impact examples. It’s so great that your product is actually in use. Great job!
  • Great job!!!

Notes from Gaelen on April 18, 2019

  • Progress bar
  • Animation transition for splash screen and results preparation screen
  • Create about, resources, FAQs, modify palette and check contrast pages
  • Under about, include case studies
  • Designer vs non-designer??
  • Mention about negative emotions in paper – done
  • Have responses for free and pro version
  • One result for free and after that for customized results or more options need to upgrade to pro version
  • Subscription model where in user purchases monthly or annual plans to use the tool
  • How many users have tested the tool? 30+
  • How would you create more colors and expand the working? Pantone has a collection of 1000+ colors. Thus I plan to expand my data set which is currently at 100 colors to include more shades and depth analysis
  • How would you let people know about it? Online and offline marketing channels. Promote to venturing startups who are looking to create their brand identity. Market the tool through design groups and networks.
  • Plan about print part during defense

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