This week was spent in programming the logic for the project development. I programmed the logic for the flow by creating web pages and providing the data set as the main data base of the code. By using React as the main framework along with JavaScript and Parcel application bundler, the algorithm allowed the user to choose two options for the first two questions and resulted in generating the exact shades of the color, the swatch and the name. Various components were created to map the colors to the emotions and create the flow to allow the user to choose any option and see the corresponding color mapped to it. This logic was created to limit the choice to 2 options only in order to generate the primary colors and in the next step; it can be extended to the accent color. This was a huge progress to develop this piece of code as it was now a working prototype which could be developed to the final product in reality. A flow is described in the following screens:

The video for the programmed logic code can be viewed here:

After this, I iterated on the earlier prototype screens to make the flow more streamlined, included the initial pages to ask about user requirement and background and included more options to generate different results. This was a more defined prototype and was much closer to the final product. The working prototype can be seen below:

This week was also spent in finalizing the thesis paper for submission. The paper can be viewed here:

After this, I prepared for the mock defense, the presentation can be found here:

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