This week I refined my prototype and made small improvements. I also made some progress on writing my paper. When I met with my advisor, I planned to discuss about the following:

  • Defense Timings – done
  • Rebranding Examples – wip
  • Height of art-boards – done
  • Previous and Next Buttons – done
  • Adding color outlines to the honeycomb – no
  • Web development scenario

Discussion with Gaelen on 3rd April, 2019

  • Add icons for industry – done
  • Add color outlines to hexagons – no
  • Download popup – show format options – done
  • Check contrast – Separate page
  • Add link to other resources (3 links maybe, new tab)
  • Give text explanation of accessibility
  • Importance to color accessibility warning then color contrast
  • Lock colors and tweak the others or get other options
  • Start over from beginning, start from questions – done
  • Include info on results page about selected words – done
  • Include print option – done
  • Add a note at the bottom of hexagon page after graying out purple and blue options for food for example depending on the industry chosen, this option may not be appropriate
  • Map out other options as well
  • Create the flow for education and retail too – can talk about the company while presenting and walking through the flow

Code flow:

  • One color end to end flow
  • Select color bucket, show unique ten words corresponding to the bucket, select one word and show respective color with hex value
  • Next do one accent color
  • If possible next do for two primary colors

Notes from Mark on 3rd April, 2019

  • Think about the conclusion
  • Support it with something scholarly and connect it with findings
  • Critical thought on the way out
  • Big numbers are always good – highlight big money and then failure is good for examples
  • Strong ending
  • Show smiling faces of startup owners, happy customers

Prototype Update

For the next version of the prototype, I refined the interface, made small improvements and incorporated some of the feedback I received while user testing. I created the next prototype with Adobe XD and the link is give below:

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