This week I showcased my prototype at Demo Day to get real time feedback from target users. This exercise proved to be very fruitful and I got very useful feedback.

Demo Day

The Demo Day was a great place to get good insights on the concept and useful validation on the prototype. I was able to talk to 6 users and explain my project. I created color cards to explain the data set that I had created for 100 colors with 100 words. After that, I asked the user to go through the entire restaurant flow with the clickable prototype. This helped me understand the gaps that existed and learn about their expectations. After talking to them, I also asked them to fill out a feedback form to record their thoughts. A glimpse of the Demo Day can be seen below:

The feedback is summarized here:

A snapshot of the feedback can be seen below:

Other feedback received apart from Demo Day: 


  • Is the word generate intuitive enough for color palette?
  • Icons for each word – perception
  • Would choose words like natural and healthy
  • Color trademarks was not evident – low priority
  • Brand examples make sense
  • Add % to the proportion and text colors for contrast
  • Keep only to digital, remove poster
  • Show examples of websites


  • Change background color to white or black or accent color to look better
  • Keep in mind about cultural context – cannot divide into west and east always, might have to be more specific


  • Show meanings of words as everyone may not know all the words
  • Explain about trademarks in detail
  • Elaborate more on the questions to differentiate them better
  • Ask users to select 6 words and then shortlist from that

Feedback from Gaelen on March 26, 2019

  • Add a clear or reset button
  • Keep brand examples for later don’t bother to look into detail now
  • Select any two text should be displayed in smaller font
  • Gray out other options of the same color to limit choices
  • Use tabs for results page if needed
  • Make sure the screens fits laptop screen size well
  • Use different font for headline and play around with gutter spacing
  • Try having the final colors as cards – shouldn’t be too close to Pantone though
  • Make previous and next buttons similar to branding and have other elements also look visually similar to the branding
  • Title on results page is left but others are center
  • Cultural context is very interesting to learn about as a designer even if not for an international brand
  • There is a lot of potential with this tool
  • Certain suggested features from the feedback can be used as next steps based on user testing
  • Results has the word logo – decide what to say
  • If user has done logo with the tool or already has one and wants website next – complex set of work to do, another project altogether, consider as next step
  • Style guide – font recommendation next
  • Email newsletter instead of poster
  • Gray background can be made white
  • Reduce header size and replace contact with FAQ
  • Build about and resources pages, include contact in about page

Feedback from Mark on March 27, 2019

  • Examples are good, can include about flags too
  • Readability of McD is brilliant it’s loud and seen from far
  • Show real time examples of other places these colors are used
  • Use color strategy for fortune 500 companies, state facts like that
  • Show interesting color layouts – add %
  • You have got a road map to the finished product, start iterating on the user interface
  • Real win would be to show user reactions being amazed
  • Use play testing with video game scenario for color palette
  • Support your statements in paper with other research or quotes and results
  • Include a thesis statement and try to prove it and show the outcomes whether it failed or not
  • Talk to Liz about the final structure of paper

Tasks for next week:

  • Complete first draft of thesis paper
  • Revise prototype with suggested changes
  • Create other flows and more usability scenarios
  • Test iteration with users
  • Research about good examples for defense
  • Start working on the final presentation

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