The first week of the thesis course began with a short presentation to recap the work done during pre-thesis and to explain any updates made during the break.

The presentation can be viewed here:

Presentation feedback:

  • Show features of existing tools in a matrix with check boxes
  • Compare results from existing tools and my tool
  • Figure out the algorithm code
  • List physical texts which help with this concept already

Tasks accomplished by end of first week (1st Feb, 2019) include the following:

1) Meet with thesis instructor – Mark Skwarek

Met with Mark to decide on weekly check-in time and discussed project concept to get feedback. He was excited about the idea and gave positive feedback to proceed. He also suggested looking into existing solutions and analyze the working of the tool to enable creation of prototypes. He also gave a valuable tip about reaching out to academic experts and psychologists in this space and suggesting to cite their name in my thesis to help extend their research. He explained how thesis can be about finding 
something really old, finding problems seen earlier and then show transitions and changes through the ages to show effects and improvements on society. The cultural perception of colors can be really interesting to show how color makes an impact.

2) Talk to accountability partner – Tianyue Wu

During this week, I spoke with Tian to setup a time we could meet on a weekly basis and figured out how we could discuss about our projects. I gave her some feedback on her project and connected her to my sister as she is a Psychology major and could give Tian some genuine feedback on multiple personality disorder.

3) Suggest external advisor – Gaelen Green

I chose Gaelen Green as my preference for Thesis Advisor. She is a dedicated UX professional with over fifteen years of experience creating user-centered solutions for mobile, web and client-software projects in community, news & financial media, entertainment, education and e-commerce. Her LinkedIn profile can be found here:

4) Setup process website

A request was sent to Elton to help setup our thesis process websites and I gathered content to put up on the website and started posting once the website was in place.

5) Created list of references plan for ongoing research

I started compiling a list of references and research inspiration to continue with my secondary research. I also planned to visit the Color Factory and Cooper Heweit Museum as part of my primary research.

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