Pre-thesis Assignment#9

After my conversation with Benedetta, this week's assignment involves creating a paper prototype of my idea and testing it out with experts in the field. The basic concept idea as described in my paper is about creating a tool to analyze the best color choices for any design project.


We are surrounded in a world of numerous colors and whether we realize it or not, colors affect us in a lot of ways. It is very interesting to understand how colors influence, inspire and impact our behavior, actions and decisions. Topics like color psychology and color emotions are deeply intriguing in order to understand the association of colors with respect to the psycho-aesthetic relationship. Colors play a very important role in our lives by affecting us on a subconscious level, well beyond the scientific understanding. Colors have even known to have an impact in healing and therapy. Color plays a critical role in design of spaces, digital works, art, products, services and systems. Colors also have a huge impact on trends, lifestyle, health, personality and mindsets. This concept outlines the methodology to create a tool which helps understand which colors are ideal to be used in certain scenarios coupled with the reasoning behind using certain colors to showcase specific outlooks. This tool would help designers, creators and brands to grow their businesses and create the right appeal for their viewers, users and customers.


I started the process by listing out all the terms and topics I wanted to look into as a part of creating this tool and all aspects involved in it.


Made a list of questions to ask users and experts and put down thoughts on how to go about it.

Created simple paper prototypes to test out the concept and working of the tool

Next steps

  • Talking to color experts and brand specialists
  • Having conversations with designers
  • Testing out paper prototype and create iterations
  • Consolidating insights from talking to colorblind people
  • Research into color emotions
  • Ideating about best medium of expression

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