Pre-thesis Assignment #4

This assignment helped us draft a meaningful problem statement after compiling all the findings from the earlier research. It also involved creating the first draft of persona and listing out stakeholders and users to interview.

Step #1: Problem Statement

A problem statement is always hard to hit right at the first go. I found this particularly challenging as it was hard to analyze the impact of the issue without talking to users first. Nevertheless I realized this is an evolving process hence the first attempt at drafting the problem statement resulted in the following:

However I realize this is not powerful enough hence I am going to do more research on the topic and talk to more people who experience color blindness to get real insights and then modify the problem statement to make more sense.

Step #2: Stakeholder Map

While creating the stakeholder map, I imagined all the people a color blind person would have to interact with on a daily basis and created six different categories and then listed out all the individuals involved.

Stakeholder List

The stakeholder list consists of all the people who are associated with the user in some way or the other. Based on the above mapping, I created the list from the six categories I drew up.


  • Family
    • Parents
    • Siblings
    • Relatives
  • Society Members
  • Neighbors
  • Friends
  • Landlord


  • Friends
    • Peers
    • Students
  • Teachers
    • Tutors
  • School Staff
    • Principal
    • Admin Staff


  • Colleagues
    • Friends
  • Management
    • Senior Staff
    • Managers
    • Clients
  • Admin Staff
    • HR Staff


  • Bankers
    • Manager
    • Other Staff
  • Advertisers
    • Sales People
  • Manufacturers
    • Products
    • Mechanic

Medical Care

  • Hospitals
    • Nurses
    • Doctors
    • Other Staff
  • Private Clinics
  • Test Labs
  • Optician
    • Chemist


  • Leisure Agents
    • Stores
    • Theaters
    • Restaurants
    • Food
  • Travel Agent
    • Insurances
    • Hotel/Flight

Step #3: Persona

This step involved creating the persona to understand the user in a more defined way by analyzing the goals, motivations, frustrations, habits, preferences and personality of the user from his daily activities. Based on my research and understanding so far, I created two persona who I felt would fit the current scenario. This will of course change once I interview more users in person.

List of users to interview

  1. Karan Rajpal
  2. Dr. Jash Doshi
  3. R. Luke Dubois
  4. John Simeonidis Jr.
  5. Beth Rosenberg

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