Pre-thesis Assignment #3

This assignment involved focusing on the area and topic for the thesis by using the medium of writing. We were encouraged to put down all our thoughts on paper which helped focus on the nuances within an area and decide on a topic. 

Step #1: Area and Topic

Based on the earlier assignments I had decided to focus on the area of colors as they really fascinate me and I am really interested in various aspects of color like color emotions, color psychology etc. I also decided to focus on the topic of color blindness as it really intrigues me and I'm curious to know why there isn't a definite cure for this color vision deficiency. Thus in this step I put down all the various thoughts around all the these topics.



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Step #2: Questioning Methods

In this step, we were encouraged to question ourselves through different methods like brainstorming, mind mapping, wheel and spoke, question-response-question etc to dive deep into a topic and figure out why we are interested in a topic and what the possible areas of focus could possibly be within that topic.

Wheel and Spoke

This step involved writing the main topic in the center wheel and listing questions around as wheel as its various spokes. These questions helped in figuring out the various pain points or gaps that can be addressed in this topic. It also helped me realize why I was interested in finding a solution for it.


This step involved listing out the various questions – who, what, where, when, why and how and figuring out the need and importance of the topic.


Step #3: List of Questions

In this step, I gathered the insights from my research and earlier thought process and listed down the various problems faced by colorblind people, the potential solutions possible to address this issue and a list of questions which needed further research and understanding.

Factual Questions

  1. What is the association between colors and emotional words and facial expressions?
  2. How does color influence the behavior of a colorblind person?
  3. In what way does color impact shopping, packaging and advertising?

Technical Questions

  1. How to find the association between colors, emotions and expressions for colorblindness?
  2. How can everyday struggles and career conflicts be resolved for colorblind people?
  3. What are the means by which colorblind people perceive color?

Conceptual Questions

  1. How might be enable people with color vision deficiency to perceive all colors?
  2. What if there were no colors in the world we exist in?
  3. How might we solve the problem of colorblindness with digital media?

Step #4: Accountability Partner

My accountability partner will be Raksha Ravimohan. We plan to meet minimum once a week to exchange our thoughts, give feedback, suggest ideas and evaluate each other's work to make sure we are on track and don't lose focus.

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  1. Fantastic job! You have uncovered a lot of questions and things to research further, you are also in a great place to start preparing questions for people to interview and we can work on your problem statements and hmw more in depth today!

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