Pre-thesis Assignment #6

This week’s assignment involves writing a summary to give an update of the current status of the research including the current directions we are looking into and the plan ahead.

Here’s where I am right now..

Right from the start, I have been intrigued by colors. Different aspects of color have always fascinated me and continue to do so. I began my research by breaking colors into 3 main topic areas – color emotions, color psychology and color blindness. I started researching into color blindness as I’m really curious to know how a color blind person perceives the world which is filled with color in every little thing. I did a lot of initial research into colorblindness, found problems that colorblind people experience, current solutions which try to minimize this gap and even spoke with 5 people who experience color blindness. These conversations were very insightful and I learned a lot. It also helped me realize that though this is a fascinating area I would definitely want to look into and include in some way in my thesis, finding a solution for it may not be the main thing to focus on right now. So I took a step back and started questioning all things related to color emotions, role of color in branding, psychological effects of color on our behavior, impact of color in design decisions, cultural context of colors and so on. Thus at the present moment I am in the process of doing deeper research in these areas.

I am quite excited about each of these areas and am curious to learn where it might lead me as it is pretty broad still and it could either way. I am very interested to learn if and how colors influence, impact and inspire us in every action we do without even realizing it. My wearables project also involved color emotions and it was a pretty exciting project for me personally. I recently came across this tool called and it blew my mind as this was exactly what I had in mind to create someday. It is a fascinating application, very well designed and extremely useful too. I definitely recommend it to all and personally find it a great resource for my research as well. I also came across this video which explains how to design games for people with colorblindness and low vision and it was excellent learning for inclusive design as well. Another tool called picular really fascinates me and I really love it as it’s a search engine for colors and helped me understand how words are associated with colors. All of these findings are helping me understand what really excites me about color and what has already been done in this area.

For next steps, I will be doing more research into the areas of color emotions, role of color in design and branding, cultural context of colors, psychological effects of color, world without colors and so on to try and find a concrete direction to work on. Each of these topics do interest me a lot and I found some interesting articles on them too. I’m also thinking of doing small experiments like mentioned to see if there is value in pursuing it further. But where I’m facing the most difficultly is formulating a problem statement out of all this. I’m finding it tough to focus on a solution to solve and even more on what to focus on. It would help if I was guided about which of these topics would be good for a thesis project or has enough potential to go deeper into. Yes I am doing my research but an expert guidance is also needed. I’m still not clear on what the aim of the thesis is so when I’m doing my research I’m not sure of what I’m looking for exactly maybe that’s why I feel quite lost.

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  1. Thank you so much for this Cherisha. If it can help, it doesn’t have to be a problem to solve, it can be something to experience, it could be an artistic piece, it could be a product, so don’t worry if you can’t find an issue. The thesis project just needs to be something that you feel passionate about researching for two semesters.

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