Web Interface Designs

Avocado Tree Digital

Designed the website for this digital strategy agency which understands customer demographics, data and content marketing. Converting deep knowledge of digital marketing, transformation from traditional to online and the strategy to make it happen is required by most brands and organizations. Avocado’s team provides services in two buckets, strategic and tactical.

Parul Kanodia & Co

During the internship under Parul Kanodia, who is a Graphic Designer and Illustrator, I worked on creating her portfolio website from scratch showcasing all her design works for different clients. Created mockups and edits for each of her design project to highlight the designs in a visual and appealing manner. Displayed below is a snapshot of the home page and 3 selected design projects.

Parul Kanodia Website

Coding Lab

Designed the website for Coding Lab, which is a startup by women entrepreneurs who are passionate about digital literacy for children. Their goal is to convert children from mere consumers to of digital technology and entertainment to ideal creators. They develop short, fun courses through which children learn how to make computers work for them and enable passionate teachers to become effective trainers.

Coding Lab Website

E-commerce User Interface

Designed a user interface template for a standard e-commerce transaction which can be applied across any industry and for any brand which is looking to expand their retail chain online. The color scheme used is a corporate grey and royal blue with white and hints of a salmon red shade on the home page.

Zombedia User Interface

Zombie media is concerned with media that is not only out of use, but resurrected to new uses, contexts and adaptations. The concept of zombie media was my inspiration behind creating Zombedia, which is a one stop digital platform for all media enthusiasts to discover and feel nostalgic about old media, explore the evolution of media objects, compare old and new media and re-define circuit bending for zombie media. I have designed the logo for the brand and the user interface design for the web platform and the successive webpages which can be viewed in the link below.

View Mockup

Smart City User Interface

Created the user interface design template for a smart city website and mobile application. It included various topics like Citizen Connect, Services, Community, Dashboard, FAQs, Top Facilities, Programs & Initiatives and Current Events. The smart city mobile application screens here showcase the garbage pick up facility. The color scheme used is a corporate shade of grey with turquoise blue and white.