Graphic Designs

Auriel Global

Auriel Global is a consulting company which leverages its knowledge of organizations and people to help transform them into being more effective, innovative and gold-class. The project involved creation of logo, business card and letterhead design.
The logo requirement was of a design which symbolized limitless growth to help people on a global level as a consulting firm. there were multiple iterations and a lot of brainstorming after which, I designed this logo to meet the given requirement. The logo illustrates the growth factor through the infinity symbol at the core and spreading out in all four directions. The four colors were chosen to give the brand a global and corporate look taking inspiration from stalwarts like Microsoft, eBay and Google.



Vantage, a real estate venture was started in 2014 and has now grown into a big company with branches in both Mumbai and Dubai. I was involved in the branding project in the creation of logo, business card and letterhead design for the company.
The logo requirement was of a design which symbolized real estate and growth but not in the traditional formats involving roofs or houses. After multiple iterations and brainstorming, I designed a logo, which illustrates the growth factor through the upwards arrow and a brick texture was given to highlight the real estate component. The colors chosen were a royal blue, brick red and a medium shade of grey to give a clean and corporate feel to the brand. The typographic style were sans-serif fonts.



Art Blend Cafe is a unique cafe in Bangalore which is an art school, gallery, and eatery all in one. Its menu comprises of a variety of delicious beverages, starters, and main course. They also regularly hold art workshops, sessions and talks to enable more people to explore their passion in the art field. I collaborated with Art Blend Cafe as a Design Consultant to help them design their creatives which included poster and banner designs. I was also involved in designing their first in-house menu and a take out menu as well which was very well received by all. The color palette reflected the logo theme and it was very visual with multiple pictures and a simple layout to list the food items and the prices.



Mysha Jewels is based out of Mumbai and they are involved with the production of an exquisite collection of precious Diamond, Gemstone, Kundan and Polki jewelry. To promote their unique jewelry pieces during various exhibitions and events in Mumbai, I was involved with designing a set of business cards, banners, posters, gift vouchers, flyers, and mailers, which were used as both print and web designs. These were the first promotional pieces that the brand was investing in, hence these designs were created to establish Mysha Jewels as an exclusive brand, both online and offline in the thriving market of jewelers across the country.



Navrathan Jewellers is one of the most premium jewellery stores in the country. Their collection ranges from solitaires and diamonds to antiques and temple jewellery, and from modern-day gold jewellery, to heritage pieces of art, elaborate bridal collection and gift articles in silver.
One of my most notable clients, they have given me the opportunity to design various posters, news advertisements, and banners. I have also designed and delivered the ID cards for their entire staff division. The designs were created to give a royal look and feel.