During my Digital Media Internship at the NYU Office of Interactive Media I designed creative content on university experience and was actively involved with HashtagNYU for social media marketing of events on campus.

Our Team

TEDxNYU: Celebrating Stories of Community

A diverse lineup of talented individuals shared their passion for building community and engaging in collective change.

NYU Crossword and Word Search

Designed the Crossword and Word Search for fun interactions among students with phrases they come across everyday on campus.

NYU Taboo

Created a set of NYU themed Taboo cards for students to have a fun-filled evening as they try to guess phrases related to university experience.

Jumbled Sports

Designed a set of jumbled sports to unscramble the NYU Varsity and Club Sports.

NYU Badges

Designed a set of fun NYU themed badges which illustrate the everyday achievements of an NYU student.

A tribute to the 5+ years of creating a community at NYU to make the student experience more worthwhile.

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NYU Study Away Sites

Designed illustrations and created a video to recognizing seven famous landmarks of NYU Study Away Sites.