Design Lab

Design Lab @ NYU MakerSpace

The Design Lab is the intersection between innovation, design and technology and provides NYU students with opportunities to ideate, experiment, prototype, and build their ideas.

Design Task: To launch the Design Lab officially before the fall 2018 semester on campus and work on the branding and spatial design of the space and increase student interactions in the space

My Role: Designed the logo, graphics for the pillar art, core components, banners, vinyl window display

Duration: July – August 2018

Tools: Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Vinyl Cutter, Laser Cutter

Logo Design

I designed the logo for the Design Lab by initially playing around with the concept of pencil, mind map, light bulb and gears to illustrate the concept of design. But after multiple iterations decided to go ahead with a simple and minimal logo.

Design Thinking Process

Pillar Art

In order to motivate innovation in the MakerSpace and inspire students to create, build and make amazing projects, prototypes and designs, I worked on creating a design to showcase vinyl cut action verbs on the pillars in the space.

Core Components of Design Lab

The Design Lab is the programming arm of NYU MakerSpace. It cultivates collaboration, nurtures students’ creative confidence and encourages collaboration and connects them with other parts of the NYU Innovation and Entrepreneurship ecosystem. The Design Lab fosters a community of creative technologists, critical thinkers, and social innovators.

As Design Lab Coordinators, Raksha Ravimohan and I work to organize talks and workshops centered around design and technology. We collaborate with industry experts, create design interventions and design digital marketing and brand strategy to increase 50% student interactions in the space.

In order to achieve the above, the core components of the Design Lab were designed and visually represented as shown alongside.

Window Display

As part of the spatial design elements for the Design Lab, I designed the following visual to showcase the core components on the large window wall in the space.

After designing the above visual, I proceeded to use the Vinyl Cutter to cut each element of the design beginning with the circular symbol for each component and then proceeding to vinyl cut the text.


To ensure better visibility of design lab upon its launch and to increase interactions, I thought it would be a good idea to map the area to a function of each of the core components. With respect to this, I designed banners as shown below to put up in different areas of the space.


To increase awareness about the new Design Lab on campus, I designed flyers, created stickers and laser cut badges to give out during open house sessions, networking events and orientations.

Next Steps

– Design new interventions to increase interactions in the space
– Observe the usage of the space by the students and perform iterations in the spatial design
– Complete design of the website to showcase Design Lab functionalities