CHERISH-A-DESIGN is my venture which was started in July 2013 to provide Graphic and Web Design services to individuals, events, start-ups, and companies. In the past 4 years, I have worked part time and was able to satisfy 50+ clients. This has been a fantastic learning experience in various aspects as I have completed freelance design projects ranging from Graphic Design, Advertising, Multimedia, Branding to User Interface Design for websites and mobile applications.


Chalkstreet is an online platform which enables great learning experiences by making them choice-based, relevant, affordable and accessible for everyone and thus the improving quality of life. I have delivered 4 design e-courses on the platform by preparing detailed curriculum which included teaching theoretical concepts, practical working of various tools and real world applications, all of which was showcased with screen casting videos. I was also involved with creating digital collateral to market the courses via email and social media.