I'm not aware of any special name other than "twenty years" or "2 decades". A decade is a period of 10 years. "Beepocalypse," they've called it. In the brutal contest for an open Senate seat, the question of identity politics should be settled once and for all. Its me! Results for What is 20 Years called: Also try: what is 25 years called; what is 50 years called; every 50 years is called 1993 Songs: These Songs Are 20 Years Old. Less than two months after losing one of its best black musicians in Prince, the world has lost one of its best black athletes in Muhammad Ali. not including the word years) there isn't one, but a decade is 10 years, so you could say two decades. Now, twenty years after the bombs fell and the plagues ran their course the few that remain live in fear and without hope. Luhn put on the black garter and stockings she said Ailes had instructed her to buy; he called it her uniform. Twenty years ago, the World Wide Web was closer to the wild, wild west. Over the last 20 years, sales of full-calorie soda in the United States have plummeted by more than 25 percent. Voter turnout this year dipped to nearly its lowest point in two decades. When Jenna Goudreau, who is getting married in two weeks, recently invited FORBES colleagues to share their best advice for A: Quick Answer. Twenty years after the fall of apartheid, social and economic disparities persist in South Africa and have a profound effect on the health of the population. Halloween H20: 20 Years Later is a 1998 American slasher film directed by Steve Miner. The word is derived (via French and Latin) from the Ancient Greek: (/ k s /, transliteration=dekas), which means a group of ten. 2 decades. What is a 30th wedding anniversary called? You've heard the news about honeybees. Beemageddon. It is the seventh installment in the Halloween film series. "An evil man" is how a judge described a sexually abusive and unrepentant stepfather after a jury found him guilty 20 years after police were first called in. If you're looking for a stand alone word for 20 years (i.e. Traditionally, eight anniversaries were associated with a material: years one, five, 10, 15, 20, 25, 50 and 75. Ailes sat on a couch. theyd say, and theyd leave a sign. there is no formal name for twenty years. ... in a stick for each 20. Although this term is still used and recognized, it is becoming antiquated. Raintree's rainforest website features indepth information on the problems and solutions of Rainforest deforestation I'm a weirdo, I don't belong here" called out to the self-loathers and outcasts. Since then, decades have been associated with particular events and trendsthe '40s with World War II, the '50s with the nuclear family, the '60s with the sexual revolutionbut usually only after This can be years, eggs, cars, whatever. Twenty years ago my husband and I welcomed our firstborn into the world, and the Ananda Portland meditation group became a true Ananda colony. Why is the number 20 called a ... use of the word score in the OED is in the year 1100. Satoshi Nakamoto is the name used by the unknown person or people who designed bitcoin and created its original reference implementation. Editors Note: This post has updated to clarify a sentence about the gender of the ancient writer. Go over there. Although the 1890s are sometimes called the "Gay '90s" or the "Naughty '90s," the decade didn't actually earn this nickname until the 1920s. Twenty of anything is called a score. 20/20 vision is a term used to express normal visual acuity (the clarity or sharpness of vision) measured at a distance of 20 feet. ... black or pink pearls can also be given to a spouse to celebrate 30 years of marriage. but score can stand for twenty of anything. you could call it a score. We have known for fifteen years that there are positions that require 20 moves; we have just proved that there are none that require more. A score is 20 of anything, not specifically a period of 20 years.