SQL Server: CONVERT Function. Convert. When the file is received I need to convert it to decimal (0000008917 ToDecimal Method (String).NET ... // Decimal to string conversion will not overflow. Convert DECIMAL(10,2) to varchar(10) : decimal Data Types SQL Server / T-SQL Tutorial. You are replacing the comma with an empty string, that will result in incorrect results even without running into the overflow. I have an SQL table of varchar columns which contain Greek formatted numbers (. SQL questions; Javascript questions ... how to convert string to int and decimal. I am using to_char(to_integer(port_name)) to convert decimal to string then in another expression I am using LPAD(port_name,5,'0 ') to pad with zero's. Use these functions to coerce an expression to a specific data type. Does Oracle have a function or easy way to convert hex to decimal or decimal ... field is a string ... 2008/02/29/how-to-convert-octalhex-to-binary-number-in-sql/ How to apply numbers in T-SQL queries and table design? The CONVERT() function converts an expression from one data type to another data type. Simple one here, I've got two fields, lotSize (decimal 18,2) and lotSizeType (varchar(50)), which store things like 2.34 + Acres, or 12345 Square Feet. I didn't really want to write a Dec2Hex conversion function for SQL Server because I could very well end up needing a Dec2Bin function as well (if I ever wanted to convert decimal to binary in SQL), so I just wrote a custom function to convert a decimal number to any base between 2 and 36. For example, you can use the CDate function to convert a string to the Date data type. I have a column SUBAMOUNT where the value is converted to text 0000008917'. Execute the ... -- SQL convert string to integer . ... such as a date or string format. - Hi friends, Another things that was brought into my notice as below. THIS TOPIC APPLIES TO: SQL Server (starting with 2008) Azure SQL Database Azure SQL Data Warehouse Parallel Data Warehouse . How to convert decimal(10,2) to STRING. QUESTO ARGOMENTO SI APPLICA A: SQL Server (a partire dalla versione 2008) Database SQL di Azure Azure SQL Data Warehouse Parallel Data This SQL Server tutorial explains how to use the CONVERT function in SQL Server (Transact-SQL) with syntax and examples. I try to use TSQL and I get some problem to convert hex to decimal when the value is inside a variable. I have a decimal column in a table defined as decimal(8,3). I have a decimal amount in c#: decimal amounT = 62.75; and I need INSERT it into a SQL record as a money value.