Math majors, any regrets you chose your degree? It's a skill set that helps you apply your knowledge to practical problems, and thus makes you more employable. dept. Classes within the economics major include, among others, international trade, law and economics, economics of sports, game theory, and public choice. Unless you're going into econ, it's not lingo you'd need to learn. Game devs of Reddit, what college majors ... just graduated w/ double major in Economics/Math. Why Are College Students Flocking to Economics? Courses in economics (1011, 1021, 4011, 4021), accounting and business (finance and marketing) are useful. The Option 2 math major requires six math courses and four courses in an area of application. Compared to the B.A., it requires more (you guessed it..) math, mostly calculus. ... Economics and Business Math Preparation for Graduate School. from the how-about-both? Its a major that allows you to take business-oriented classes and combine that with whatever else you want. Why Are College Students Flocking to Economics? Option 2 packages. By Kevin ... and the number of economics majors coming out of ... of affiliated programs like applied math. Economics is a major you can really do anything with, he said. A 1991 report by the American Economic Association presented economics Ph.D students with the following list of mathematical topics: high school mathematics only You must complete the courses in the major with a minimum 2.0 grade point average.You must receive a minimum grade of a C- or above in Economics What can a double major in economics and mathematics do, from personal ... (if you can do a math major). I like the idea of math with a minor in economics. It is the most flexible program, and can be tailored to meet the academic needs of students with a variety of long-term goals. Data analysts can use Python for example to Many students choose to concentrate in economics because it provides analytical skills without being a hard science, Fink said. By ... showing the popularity of the economics major over ... and not majors of affiliated programs like applied math. Although economics graduate programs have varying admissions requirements, graduate training in economics is highly mathematical. I hear picking up CS as a minor or double major with a math degree can net you some pretty big dollars In my experience, it's the CS degree that nets you big dollars. By the end of my 4th year, I will have taken Calculus 1-3. The single most useful skill set to learn as a math major is how to program. Is It Better To Study Economics Or Computer Science? Unless you're interested in economics, so many of the tools between stats and econ are going to be conceptually the same, with the major difference being terminology. If you're not interested in academia, I don't think the stats/math option will help you as much as the other two. Will it hurt to do an economics double major with physics if I want to be a ... What can a double major in economics and mathematics do, from personal experience? I am attending the University of Michigan in the near future and will probably add math as a double major to my economics major. From Math. Entry to the Math Majors (Capped Status) Undergraduate Programs. So, I have always liked math and am just considering my major options right now. I have a job currently but want more. Boards > Archive Boards > General Topics Board > 5 Hardest/Easiest Undergraduate Majors > ... economics is all math. The math degree might get someone's attention in a positive way and land you an interview in a marginal case... but in the end, no one will care about your math degree. What could I do with a math major? Reasons why some of our students majored in economics: I dont know if I immediately liked the material, but I liked the way it made me think. Share this thread via Reddit, Google+, Twitter, ... Physics And Economics Double Major. is a program designed for students who aspire to graduate study in economics or business. Could r/careerguidance help Hi, im a college senior majoring in Economics. ... Mathematics/Economics; ... Undergraduate Resources. It teaches the same basic toolkit of economists, but delves deeper into the underlying mathematical foundations of microeconomics and econometrics. Mathematics and statistics are key tools in many aspects of economics. BA in Economics & Mathematics. I am going into my senior year as a math and economics double major. Being an economics major means you've taken (or will take) classes that explore finance, psychology, logic, and mathematics, among others. Like Economics programs everywhere, it is built on a foundation of: Share this thread via Reddit, Google+, Twitter, ... Physics And Economics Double Major. Mathematical economics intrigued me. Economics Major This is the core program in Economics. Our Math-Econ B.S. ... major, and there is very little math