Hello I have a Button with a shape as drawable. Hi, Is it possible to change the released and the pressed color for at button. I am implementing something like the user interface from Microsoft Zune HD player. Is it possible to do this using just xml files? Creating Button background and text selector in Android programmatically. Hello, I would like to do a switch to turn off and on the music of a videogame and y would like to set the button color in red when the music is off. Android Change the background color when button is pressed - 9 - Beginner ... HOW TO CHANGE TEXT AND BACKGROUND COLOR IN ANDROID Jul 4, 2010. Coloring Buttons w / ThemeOverlays ... Say you want to change the background color of a Button. It also removes the background but the button still changes color when it is pressed. ... see that it doesn't change its color i.e. Thanks for this awesome tutorial, it help me lot to clear my concept. I haved changes the button to have 0dip corners but now can I not see if the button is pressed. Android Buttons Background. This is an efficient way to make button color change on Android. How do you change the text color on a button when it is clicked? How to change button press color. To change text color I can do : Your button view states have been created, you will now need to assign it to any button or image. Note that 'forecolor' is the color of the text in a cell, and I'm not sure you meant that or the cell's fill color, so I've coded it with the cell's fill color but But if I say style.color='green' to change the text color, it does not change. Create a button in your Activity Layout and assign layout In ExpandableListView I have custom parent row (LinearLayout) which contains row data (in TextView with id=data) andwhen is pressed (state before expanded) I change color of row.How to change color of text when is pressed ?I can in adapter set when is expanded and when is not pressed, but I cannot fetch when is only pressed. I have used this code to remove the corners. How is it possible? This tutorial shows you how to create image and text buttons ... Android Buttons ... but the button still changes color when it is pressed. 1st for normal view and 2nd for clicked view.