Thesis Week#10

This week I showcased my prototype at Demo Day to get real time feedback from target users. This exercise proved to be very fruitful and I got very useful feedback. Demo Day The Demo Day was a great place to get good insights on the concept and useful validation on the prototype. I was able […]

Thesis Week#9

This week was spent in creating the first version of the clickable prototype of an end-to-end user scenario. I designed the different screens and then linked them to complete one user flow for the brand design of a restaurant. The flow involved asking the following questions to the user: What are you creating today? What […]

Thesis Week#8

This week was spent talking to experts in the field to get feedback on my concept and also working on the first prototype in preparation of Demo Day. Conversation with Patrick Baty on 11th March, 2019 Patrick is an Architectural Paint Researcher and Consultant at Papers and Paints Ltd who has expert knowledge of using colors in a space and is a […]

Thesis Week#7

This week I spoke to a colorizer from Great Britain who provided some very interesting insights. I also created the first draft of the colors data set. Conversation notes from Jordan on 8th March, 2019 Jordan J. Lloyd: Director at Dynamichrome Potentially has a use for independent designers for doing any branding work New data set to help refine your palette Big difference […]

Thesis Week#6

This week I was get really useful feedback on my concept after the presentation at the Advisor Critique Session. It helped me gain better clarity of the applications as well as understanding of the next steps. The presentation can be found below: Feedback after the presentation: Nice intro for your advisor! Strong intro and clear description. Like […]