Pre-thesis Week #6

Pre-thesis Assignment #6 This week’s assignment involves writing a summary to give an update of the current status of the research including the current directions we are looking into and the plan ahead. Here’s where I am right now.. Right from the start, I have been intrigued by colors. Different aspects of color have always […]

Pre-thesis Week #5

Pre-thesis Assignment #5 This week’s assignment required us to perform deeper research into our area and topic. I read from multiple resources¬† and summarized five articles. We also had to create a dialogic journal to pen down our thoughts, ideas, observations and questions. Article Summaries The article summaries are consolidated in a Google document which […]

Pre-thesis Week#4

Pre-thesis Assignment #4 This assignment helped us draft a meaningful problem statement after compiling all the findings from the earlier research. It also involved creating the first draft of persona and listing out stakeholders and users to interview. Step #1: Problem Statement A problem statement is always hard to hit right at the first go. […]