Pre-thesis Week#10

Pre-thesis Assignment#10 Identify the community around your project and plan for feedback Users Designers Artists Color Enthusiasts Key stakeholders Business owners Startup founders Brand identifiers Key experts Color Experts Color Trend Forecasters Color Specialists Questions How do you associate with colors in your designs? How often do you think about color psychology when designing something […]

Pre-thesis Week#9

Pre-thesis Assignment#9 After my conversation with Benedetta, this week's assignment involves creating a paper prototype of my idea and testing it out with experts in the field. The basic concept idea as described in my paper is about creating a tool to analyze the best color choices for any design project. Introduction We are surrounded […]

Pre-thesis Week #6

Pre-thesis Assignment #6 This week’s assignment involves writing a summary to give an update of the current status of the research including the current directions we are looking into and the plan ahead. Here’s where I am right now.. Right from the start, I have been intrigued by colors. Different aspects of color have always […]

Pre-thesis Week #5

Pre-thesis Assignment #5 This week’s assignment required us to perform deeper research into our area and topic. I read from multiple resources  and summarized five articles. We also had to create a dialogic journal to pen down our thoughts, ideas, observations and questions. Article Summaries The article summaries are consolidated in a Google document which […]

Pre-thesis Week#4

Pre-thesis Assignment #4 This assignment helped us draft a meaningful problem statement after compiling all the findings from the earlier research. It also involved creating the first draft of persona and listing out stakeholders and users to interview. Step #1: Problem Statement A problem statement is always hard to hit right at the first go. […]

Pre-thesis Week#3

Pre-thesis Assignment #3 This assignment involved focusing on the area and topic for the thesis by using the medium of writing. We were encouraged to put down all our thoughts on paper which helped focus on the nuances within an area and decide on a topic.  Step #1: Area and Topic Based on the earlier […]

Pre-thesis Week#2

Pre-thesis Assignment #2 This assignment involved diving deep into scholarly research to find journal articles, review articles and dissertations for our selected topics of interest using the NYU library website only. Step #1: Creating mind map Based on the earlier exercise, I had identified my primary area of interest as ‘colors’ and created the following […]